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Apricot is a startup in the field of Immersive Technologies

We develop solutions for heavy and light industries, armed forces, as well as civil engineering solutions, based on the technologies of virtual and augmented reality

Apart from the design of solutions and technical support, we also provide our customers services in consulting and strategic planning in the field of emerging technologies.

We are a team of highly qualified experts in immersive technologies with vast experience and an impressive portfolio of successfully implemented projects in various industries, including defense, education, and entertainment.

Our Goals

Creation of breakthrough technologies in the field of training simulators and Industry 4.0

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

A completely simulated virtual environment, with a panoramic view and a possibility of interaction with other participants through visual, tactile, auditory perception, etc.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Enabling the display of additional graphical elements linked to real-life objects. Adapted for mobile devices

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality

A technology that is similar to AR, enhanced by headset, and glasses with an integrated camera



This collective environment is shared the resulting space practically improved convergence physical reality outer space, including the sum of all turnovers in the world, augmented reality and the Internet

Sectors Sectors Sectors Sectors
  • Industry

    • Production line simulation and sequencing

    • Planning of standard procedures and emergency scenarios

    • Freshmen training - navigation through various areas and rooms

  • Military-industrial complex

    • The VR complex creates an environment as close as possible to combat, which allows the employee to prepare for the upcoming operational and combat operations anywhere in the world

    • Shooting simulators from all types of weapons

    • Simulators for training assault units

  • Entertainment

    • VR gaming content

    • Amusement Parks

    • Genuine experiences of visiting any place without physical travel

    • Creation of an extensive information field, from text data to video content

  • Retail

    • Possibility to interact with the virtual environment, e.g. online shopping or bookingd

    • Creation of AR navigation

  • Education

    • Various training courses

    • Historical projects with a virtual immersion in the relevant epoch

    • Teaching schoolchildren and students with the use of virtual simulators

  • Development

    • Apartment visualization

    • Free movement

    • Interaction with the environment for the creation of the desired interior

    • Visualization of any objects and spaces, from a simple room to an entire city



Applying the technology of virtual reality in industry primarily serves for efficient training. Immersive simulators effectively translate skills and knowledge to personnel, reducing the time it takes them to attain a high level of expertise.


AR and VR technologies are presently used to provide easier solutions for a variety of problems, from designing new industrial lines and end products to training personnel and assisting with repair work.


Immersive technologies has been adopted by the military – this includes all three services (army, navy and air force) – where it is used for training purposes.

Engineers’ learning tool

Immersive technologies has been adopted by the military – this includes all three services (army, navy and air force) – where it is used for training purposes.


The use of Immersive Technologies significantly increases the efficiency of repair work control.


Achieving a significant economic effect in the process of training and operation

Reducing the risks of improper operation of equipment and the role of the human factor when working at hazardous facilities

Increasing the effectiveness of the learning process and increasing the flow of trainees

The ability to model the maximum number of emergency situations at the enterprise and the method of leveling risks

Completed projects
IT sector, production, training, factories, universities, schools, entertainment, retail

Biochemical laboratory

VR, Training


VR, Training


Step-by-step process from application, information exchange, technical assignment, contract and finished product


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Initial call with discussion of the task


Exchange of materials (drawings, models, photos, videos)


Technical description


Approval of the terms of reference


Commercial offer and contract signing


Completing the task

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